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Can you divorce in Colorado if you were married out of state?

You and your spouse may have relocated to Colorado for a variety of reasons. However, regardless of where you got married, your relationship could face insurmountable challenges anywhere.

Although the dissolution of marriage is a common concern throughout the United States, you might wonder whether you can pursue your divorce after your move to Colorado from another state or country. Although reaching a settlement takes time, you can file for divorce once you meet the state's residency requirements.

Children suffer the trauma of a split between their parents as well

Ending your relationship with your partner is likely one of the most emotionally challenging processes of your life. You probably hoped for the best and devoted yourself to creating a fulfilling future with your partner. Now, you wonder what kind of lifestyle you will have, how much time you can spend with your children and whether you will be able to remain in your home.

In addition to your individual concerns, ending a marriage can have a devastating effect on everyone involved. Children are resilient, yet in the midst of an escalated battle with your partner, your kids still rely on your support to navigate their perceptions, fears and feelings about what is happening with their family.

How can you protect your financial interests during divorce?

Many of the decisions you and your spouse must make as you dissolve your marriage involve finances. Like, how you will divide real estate or investment accounts. If there’s a need for monetary support arrangements, there will be pressures on each side: what can the primary breadwinner afford to pay and still be able to live. Conversely the dependent spouse worries about how much is needed and how to make ends meet.

During a divorce, emotions can run high. You may feel overrun by the toll your divorce is taking on you and your children. Processing your thoughts and feelings is undoubtedly vital to moving forward. Yet, sound financial planning can also help ease long-term worries about moving forward on your own.

What do you do when your spouse files for divorce?

Being served divorce papers can create a wealth of emotional responses. No matter how happy you have been in your marriage or whether you were waiting for the appropriate time to leave your partner, you might feel everything from rage to despair, jealousy and defeat.

You must generally respond to a marriage dissolution petition within 21 days if you wish to retain your right to protect your interests. While three weeks may seem like a short timeframe in which to make your case, there is no need to panic. Do you know what information you should provide to the court?

Is it wise to buy or help pay for a home with your significant other?

When you are dating, it is natural to want to be around your boyfriend or girlfriend. Regardless of your age or past relationships, you likely desire to share as much time and space as possible with your new love interest.

You may believe that purchasing real estate together is a sound financial decision, especially if you plan to get married in the future. However, is it possible to buy a house together before marriage, while also protecting yourself?

Quarantine can present unique challenges to divorce

By the time you decide to dissolve your marriage, you may want to get through the divorce process as quickly as possible. Although considerations such as determining the extent of your marital property, establishing child support arrangements and reaching a favorable settlement can take time, the present health crisis could complicate matters.

When does "in sickness and in health" become obsolete?

When you got married, you each committed the rest of your life to the other, vowing to care for each other regardless of the circumstances. However, you may not have fully grasped what that might look like, or how devastating that commitment could become.

Studies suggest declining health may lead to divorce. Men tend to marry women younger in age and, therefore, females are more likely to experience the end of a marriage due to becoming a widow. However, either party's health concerns may contribute to divorce.

Marriages can suffer more than one form of unfaithfulness

It is no secret that many marriages end due to a partner's physical intimacy with someone else. While a rendezvous with an additional sexual partner may be cause for divorce, your significant other could cheat financially as well.

More than 40% of surveyed Americans admit to being dishonest with their partner about money. Through hidden accounts, undisclosed spending habits or additional debt, financial infidelity can weigh heavily on a marriage. Some relationships can withstand secretive financial decisions, but many choose to divorce due to this type of betrayal. 

Children need financial support, and then some

Whether you once described yourself as a hopeless romantic, married someone you got along well with or chose to tie the knot because of an unexpected pregnancy, a change in your relationship status can make you question your previous decisions. If you decide to move forward with a divorce, establishing your financial future is likely one of your most pressing concerns - especially if you and your spouse share children. This is a time when objectivity may be difficult. However, it can be important to distinguish between your own financial objectives and the genuine needs of your children.

Studies suggest that over half of Americans prioritize financial security over love. In some cases, higher income or substantial net worth can increase the complexity of child support. If you have money, you might wonder how meeting the needs of your children post-divorce could be uncertain. You might also be concerned about the point at which claims about the financial "needs" of your child feel like a thinly veiled attempt to transfer additional wealth to your ex.

Specific issues for executives throughout a divorce

Executives are leaders in their company. As leaders, they are expected to solve business issues and develop solutions that work for the company and its employees. However, there are times where executives face more problems than they can solve.

Throughout the divorce process, executives face additional concerns when identifying all the elements of income and dividing property, such as professional perks and non-cash compensation. It's essential the professionals know what complications may pop up in the proceedings.

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