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What type of expenses does child support cover?

In addition to the other conflicts that come with negotiating a divorce or other custody matter, child support can cause substantial tension. While both of you want to provide for your children, it can be difficult to agree on an appropriate level of child support. In Colorado, parents can make their own agreements for…

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Children need financial support, and then some

Whether you once described yourself as a hopeless romantic, married someone you got along well with or chose to tie the knot because of an unexpected pregnancy, a change in your relationship status can make you question your previous decisions. If you decide to move forward with a divorce, establishing your financial future is…

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How will the current health crisis affect existing family law concerns?

Whether you call it the Coronavirus or Covid-19, there is no doubt it has descended on us with very little warning and changed our daily lives in significant ways. Both health concerns and the economic impact have had a ripple effect that has carried into divorce and family law litigation. The long-term effects are…

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Do you need to change your child support orders?

Have you ever made a promise or agreement that you later came to regret? Or, perhaps the agreement served a useful purpose in the past, but now your circumstances have changed so dramatically that the agreement is more of a hindrance than a help. When it comes to child support agreements, this kind of…

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