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The compassionate and dedicated Aspen family lawyers at Hogan Omidi, PC, understand the high stakes involved in your family law case, especially when high incomes or valuable assets are involved. We focus on helping individuals who are going through complex divorce and family law cases. Because we wrote the book on family law in Colorado, we understand the nuances of the law and how it applies to complex asset divorces. We work diligently to identify and achieve our client’s objectives. You can schedule a confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable Aspen family lawyers by calling us at (303) 691-9600 or contacting us online.

Help with All of Your Family Law Needs

We can help you with all family law cases, including:


Divorce can be difficult even under the most amicable circumstances. This life-changing event impacts your household, your relationship with your children, and your finances. Our capable Aspen family lawyers can assist with every aspect of your Colorado divorce, including:

  • Division of marital debts and assets
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support

Same-Sex Divorces

Our team of lawyers has experience helping resolve same-sex legal issues, including working on cases involving same-sex divorces, civil union dissolutions, and child custody when assisted reproductive technology was used.

Spousal Support

At Hogan Omidi, PC, we have represented C-level executives, doctors, entertainers, professional athletes, and spouses of high earners. We understand the spousal support laws and how to best use them to achieve your long-term objectives.

Child Custody and Visitation

Our Aspen family lawyers assist with all aspects of child custody, including:

  • Allocation of parenting time (APR)
  • Third-party visitation, such as children’s grandparents or other relatives
  • Relocation cases
  • Modification of a court order
  • Multi-jurisdiction cases

Child Support

Colorado children have the legal right to receive financial support from both of their parents. Even if the parents do not live together, they are still entitled  to receive the benefit of financial support and Colorado provides it by requiring child support. Colorado has guidelines for the calculation of child support based upon the gross incomes of the parents but those guidelines do not extend beyond $350,000 per year in gross income. For high earners, the child support guidelines do not apply and other factors become relevant. Our lawyers can help determine a fair amount of child support.

Domestic Violence

Our sensitive lawyers can help you seek an order of protection if this is appropriate and necessary in your case to prevent domestic violence.

Marital Agreements

At Hogan Omidi, PC, we have extensive experience preparing, reviewing, negotiating, challenging, and enforcing marital agreements. We know what it takes to make a valid and enforceable agreement and what can cause these types of agreements to crumble. Learn how we can help when you call for your confidential consultation.

Family Law Appeals, Modifications, and Enforcement Actions

In many cases, a court’s final decree or a settlement between the parties is not the last step involved in the process. You may need the court’s assistance to seek:

  • An appeal – Appeals can be made after a court makes a decision but an error was committed during the process.
  • A modification – Modifications may be appropriate when circumstances change, necessitating a change in the court’s previous order.
  • Enforcement – Enforcement may be necessary if one party does not comply with the terms of the court order.

Divorce Options

As seasoned Aspen family lawyers, we have seen firsthand what can happen when families split up and are short-sighted. Depending on your circumstances, we may suggest one or more of the following forms of alternative dispute resolution to resolve your family matter in a more amicable manner:

  • Negotiations
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

What Sets Our Family Law Firm Apart

At Hogan Omidi, PC, we provide comprehensive family law services

  • We approach each case with sensitivity – Our family lawyers are caring and compassionate professionals. We know you are going through a difficult time and want to help ease your burden. We promise to treat you with the care we would if it was our own loved one going through the situation.
  • We emphasize civility – We take a deliberate approach in our cases that is aimed to communicate civility and minimize conflict. In many situations, your ex will continue to be an integral part of your life. Remembering this can often help lay the foundation for a positive relationship moving forward.
  • We wrote the book on family law – Founding partner Kathleen Hogan authored the Colorado Family Law Practice Series, the hands-down definitive work on Colorado family law. Few lawyers in Colorado could boast of being a true author, let alone the go-to series that attorneys and judges throughout the state rely on.
  • We focus exclusively on family law – At Hogan Omidi, PC, we focus on one thing: Colorado family law. That’s it. This has allowed us to develop a laser focus and understanding of Colorado family law that we use to advocate for the best outcome in your case.
  • We consider creative solutions – As seasoned advocates, our Aspen family lawyers have encountered and resolved many complex problems, including high-conflict disputes over custody and complex property division issues. We work hard to determine the best legal strategy for each individual case and come up with creative solutions that will help you achieve your desired outcome.
  • We focus on the future – Our Aspen family lawyers help our clients think about the long-term impact their case will have on their lives and relationships. We identify what is important so that we can best position you for success.

We can guide you through your family law matter no matter how complex it is. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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If you are dealing with a dispute over child custody, worried about property division in a high-asset case, or struggling with any other family law matter, Hogan Omidi, PC, is here to help. We have offices in Aspen and Cherry Creek and provide sound legal advice and representation to clients throughout Colorado. Contact us online or call us at (303) 691-9600 to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Aspen family lawyer.