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Colorado Family Law and Practice Second Edition (Vols. 19 and 20, Colorado Practice Series)

By Kathleen A. Hogan This convenient guide provides practitioners of Colorado family law with answers to everyday practice questions. Covers a full range of issues, including: attorney-client relations, marriage, the husband-wife relationship, legal separation, jurisdiction, parties, pleadings, expert witnesses, trial, procedural aspects, assets, spousal maintenance, child support, parental rights, attorney’s fees and expenses, costs, custody, enforcement of custody and parenting time orders, overview, purposes, terminology, mediation, unmarried cohabitors rights, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, sample agreement clauses, decrees and permanent orders, appellate review, bankruptcy, and taxation. Contains forms, checklists, tables, and discussions of significant cases, rules, and statutes.

Family Law and Practice Handbook (Vol. 21, Colorado Practice Series)

By Kathleen A. Hogan This one volume handbook provides quick access to the procedural rules and the state and federal statutory provisions used most often in family law proceedings.

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