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We approach your family law matter with civility and sensitivity

Family conflict is difficult enough without adding fuel to the fire. At Hogan Omidi, PC, we take a deliberate approach that emphasizes civility and practical solutions over conflict and gamesmanship. We help clients think “big picture” and long term to identify what is truly important. Once you view the situation with proper perspective and clear priorities, the process becomes less stressful and more conducive to creative and sensible resolutions.

Hogan Omidi, PC, serves clients in the Denver metro area and statewide. Our clients include executives at Fortune 500 companies, doctors and lawyers, professional athletes and entertainers, owners of businesses of all sizes, landlords and others with significant assets they want to protect. We also represent the spouses of these individuals who may be concerned that they will lose everything they invested in years of marriage.

We wrote the book on family law. Literally.

Family law is our sole focus. In fact, founding partner Kathleen Hogan authored the Colorado Family Law Practice Series, the definitive work on Colorado divorce and family law relied upon by attorneys and judges throughout the state. Each of our attorneys is well-versed in Colorado statutes and how to apply them accurately and in the most advantageous way for our clients.

We find the best solution for you.

We Find Creative Solutions To Complex Problems

We have encountered and resolved many complex problems in our many years of practicing family law, from complex considerations in asset division to high-conflict disputes over custody and co-parenting. We handle each case on its own merits and find the best solution for you and your unique situation.

Whenever possible, we resolve divorce and family matters through out-of-court negotiations or alternative dispute resolution. We encourage clients to explore mediation, in which a neutral party facilitates solutions, and collaborative law, in which both sides formally agree not to litigate and to work cooperatively to forge a solution. However, we always prepare as if the case will go to trial, which gives us leverage to protect your interests at the bargaining table or to prevail in contested proceedings.

Let Us Guide You Through Your Family Matter

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