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Aspen Complex Property Division Attorney

When you have valuable and complex assets at stake in your divorce, you need a legal team you can trust to protect your interests. At Hogan Omidi, PC, we work to achieve a fair division of marital property. We know that finding a settlement that is “fair” is no easy feat, but we are willing to work hard to achieve results that best position you for a positive future. You worked hard for everything you have, and our goal is to protect it. We will discuss your situation to build a legal strategy that best reflects your goals and financial interests. Schedule your confidential consultation with a knowledgeable Aspen complex property division attorney by calling us at (303) 691-9600 or contacting us online.

We Can Help with a Variety of Legal Issues

Our Aspen complex property division attorneys are well-versed in Colorado family laws regarding property division. Our legal services include:

  • Classifying property – Our lawyers can use our deep knowledge of Colorado family and property laws to accurately classify property as separate or marital. We can direct the process to trace separate property to its original source to protect your assets.
  • Valuing assets – When you have complex assets, you need a legal team that will work hard to achieve a fair outcome for you. When we can’t simply look at an account statement of bank balance we turn to trusted experts we can call upon to help us arrive at an accurate valuation of your property.
  • Reviewing marital agreements – Many high-net-worth couples have entered into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to protect their assets. Our lawyers can review these agreements, explain your rights, and assess whether any challenges can be made against the agreement.
  • Locating assets – When complex assets such as business interests, trust interests, deferred income, and cryptocurrency, are involved in a divorce, it can be more difficult to locate these assets. However, we are skilled at identifying and locating assets.
  • Dividing retirement accounts – In Colorado, pensions, 401(k), IRAs, and other retirement accounts accumulated during the marriage are subject to division, regardless of whose name they are in. We can provide practical counsel and advice to you regarding retirement accounts.
  • Valuing business interests – If you or your spouse owns a business, we can help conduct a professional valuation of the business in preparation to determine how that value fits in to the overall division of assets.
  • Valuing and dividing real estate interests – We can also help determine the fair market value of all your real property interests, including the marital home, second homes, and investment properties. We can also advise whether keeping or selling certain properties will best serve your future interests.
  • Resolving divorce issues for executives – Our team can help sort through legal issues often associated with executives, such as determining whether stock-based benefits, future performance awards or deferred income constitutes property for purposes of a divorce.
  • Resolving spousal support matters Spousal support is often part of a divorce settlement. If there are income producing properties or sufficient liquid assets the property division may sometimes be used to reduce or offset spousal maintenance.

Our Aspen complex property division attorneys want to help you achieve a fair division of marital property while minimizing stress and maximizing benefits to you.

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