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Understanding allocation of parental responsibilities in Colorado

Colorado does not use the term child custody when referring to parental rights and responsibilities. Colorado calls the legal child custody process Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and divides parental duties into parenting time and decision-making responsibilities.  What are Parenting Time Responsibilities in Colorado? Parenting time responsibilities are day-to-day parental duties involving the physical care…

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Do I need a cohabitation agreement?

Today, it’s not uncommon for couples to decide that they want to share their lives together with no immediate plans to walk down the aisle. Often children of divorce themselves, many couples find the idea of marriage to be a gamble or unnecessary for having a fulfilling, long-term relationship with their partner. However, many…

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How does my social media use impact my family?

Social media is nearly unavoidable. Even if you manage to get by without an account, social media drives everything from marketing to news cycles. Social media can also have a significant impact on your relationships with your family. While the social media world seems wildly out of control, it is up to you to…

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How will the current health crisis affect existing family law concerns?

Whether you call it the Coronavirus or Covid-19, there is no doubt it has descended on us with very little warning and changed our daily lives in significant ways. Both health concerns and the economic impact have had a ripple effect that has carried into divorce and family law litigation. The long-term effects are…

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