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Tips to Protect Your Kids from Your Divorce

Going through a divorce brings about significant changes for spouses but also profoundly impacts any children involved. Their well-being hinges on parents managing the emotional and psychological fallout that these familial shifts can bring. Given their potential vulnerability, it’s crucial to put in place protective measures that shield your kids from the stressors of…

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4 Tips to help children adjust to divorce

There’s no denying that going through a divorce is one of the most challenging events an adult can face. But for children, the impact of a divorce can be incredibly far-reaching. Divorce affects children of all ages, whether they are toddlers or teenagers. Young children may struggle to understand the changes in their household…

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The financial needs of children after a breakup

A breakup is a traumatic experience for all parties involved. From emotional upheaval to the disentanglement of property and finances, the split takes a significant toll on the couples involved. If you have children, however, managing the aftermath of your break up becomes a much more complicated prospect especially where your finances and children…

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Are there joint custody laws in Denver, Colorado?

When parents break up, they are expected to develop a parenting plan for the continued upbringing of their children. If they are unable to come to an agreement, the matter may have to be submitted to the court for determination. Disputes over child custody or parenting arrangements are unfortunate but common. In Colorado, the terms…

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Three myths surrounding money and parenting

Most parents understand the high costs of raising children. However, many parents don’t anticipate the additional financial burden divorce creates, along with raising their kids. Luckily, single parents could save money and still teach their children about the value of a dollar if they look past these three common myths surrounding parenthood and money….

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Keep time with your child protected after your divorce

After divorce, parents often struggle to make the transition to coparenting, especially if the divorce was particularly painful. While most parents do not want to make their child suffer because of parental conflicts, in many cases, that is exactly what happens. It is common for parents who do not understand the seriousness of their…

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