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What are the grounds for terminating spousal maintenance in Denver, Colorado?

According to Title 14 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, Colorado is a “no-fault” state. This means that couples can be granted a divorce without one of them having to prove that the other did something to merit ending the marriage. Decisions have to be made, such as child custody and division of marital property….

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Can getting remarried impact your spousal maintenance?

Yes, it can, if the party receiving maintenance is the one who gets remarried. Colorado Spousal Maintenance Basics A District Court overseeing a divorce or separation in Colorado may, but is not required to, order spousal maintenance (also sometimes called spousal support or alimony) “in an amount and for a term that is fair…

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How will the current health crisis affect existing family law concerns?

Whether you call it the Coronavirus or Covid-19, there is no doubt it has descended on us with very little warning and changed our daily lives in significant ways. Both health concerns and the economic impact have had a ripple effect that has carried into divorce and family law litigation. The long-term effects are…

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How much will I pay or receive in alimony?

The payers and receivers of alimony are participating in a valuable tradition that helps protect the individual liberties of those who get married. Essentially, alimony prevents an individual from becoming an economic slave, and staying in a toxic or unhappy marriage due to economic dependency on the higher-earning spouse. That being said, the societal…

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