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Do you need to change your child support orders?

Have you ever made a promise or agreement that you later came to regret? Or, perhaps the agreement served a useful purpose in the past, but now your circumstances have changed so dramatically that the agreement is more of a hindrance than a help. When it comes to child support agreements, this kind of…

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Will you get more custody with more money?

Losing time with your child is difficult, particularly if you think it’s unfair. As a lesser-earning parent, you may think you’re fighting an uphill battle. You don’t have as many assets to back you while you’re divorcing, and you think that will hurt you while you try to seek custody. The reality is that…

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Is my prenuptial agreement still valid?

When spouses realize that it is time to file for divorce, it may seem like a blessing that they chose to create a prenuptial agreement, if they have one. However, simply having a prenuptial agreement in place does not guarantee that a judge will honor it, depending on the nature of the terms in…

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When it comes to the house, get an accurate valuation

For most couples, the house is one of the most high-value assets they own. Whether it is your main residence in Denver or vacation property you own in Aspen, you are going to have to make some major decisions on how to deal with real estate if you are planning to divorce. For example,…

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Who gets the family home in a divorce?

The divorce process is full of twists and turns, all of which can cause quite a bit of stress if you don’t know which steps to take and how to protect yourself. While there is no definite way of knowing who will get the family home in a divorce, this is something you need…

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