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Signs that your job is negatively affecting your marriage

Most couples agree that their marriage is a top priority in their life. They want to make sure that they are supporting and sharing their lives with their spouse. However, some people also prioritize their job – possibly to a fault.

There are signs that a job is negatively affecting your relationship, but it may look different depending on the couple, the job positions and your relationship dynamic.

Your spouse is your career coach

You may notice that your conversations with your partner always center on work, and you only turn to your spouse as a source for support and advice surrounding your work environment. It may be a huge red flag if you can’t talk about anything else but work with your partner.

You spend more time at work than at home

Many people identify themselves as workaholics. However, when you start to skip family events or spend all your time in the office, it creates distance between you and your partner. It also shows that you choose your work over personal commitments, such as your marriage.

You tend to argue more with your spouse

If your job is creating more stress, you may become more irritable and take it out on your partner at home. It becomes even more challenging when you start to argue about new topics, such as money, trust or personal obligations.

Your spouse starts to resent your work

If you begin prioritizing a job over your spouse, it’s easy for your partner to feel neglected and resent your work. They may show their resentment through less patience, less support or even withdrawing from you. Ultimately, their resentment of your work turns into resentment towards you.

You are happier in the office

The largest red flag is when you are more comfortable in the office than at home because most people want to be at home with their partners, not at work with their colleagues. If you feel happier at work, there may be more significant problems in your relationship.

All these signs are potential indicators of broader issues in a marriage, so it’s critical to be honest with your partner. Discuss the red flags and possible resolutions for your situation. Otherwise, you may need to make a hard decision about your future in your marriage.