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How to get a reasonable settlement in a divorce

Divorce is a challenging experience, and it’s easy for a divorce to become much worse if it turns into a legal battle. It makes sense that most couples would try to find a reasonable settlement for both parties without taking the battle to court.

However, you need to know how to identify realistic expectations before negotiations even begin. But what is a reasonable settlement? And how do couples settle on a reasonable solution?

What are fair expectations for a settlement?

Most people develop expectations about what a reasonable settlement looks like to them. However, their ideas may clash with the reality of typical divorce settlements. So, what can you do to set fair expectations before hitting the courtroom?

One way to develop realistic expectations about possible settlements is by consulting with an attorney about what is reasonable from a legal standpoint. A lawyer can inform clients about the divorce process and discuss your goals for the proceedings. After you set specific goals, the lawyer will use their legal knowledge to help you work towards a reasonable settlement for you and your goals.

Having the right expectations in mind will help you move forward in the negotiation process and not get dragged into a costly courtroom battle.

What happens if there are conflicting opinions?

Even if you set realistic expectations for your settlement, your former partner may have a completely different perspective on what is reasonable. In this case, you need to find a balance between protecting your most significant priorities while compromising with your spouse on goals that may be important to them.

To find compromises, you will need to work with a lawyer and your spouse through a series of negotiations. These negotiations will be critical for productively resolving your case. If both parties are unable to agree, you may have to explore other alternatives for your divorce.

Make sure you have the right representation who understands the delicate nature of crafting divorce settlements. An experienced attorney could make a huge difference in the type of settlement you receive.