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Denver Third Party Visitation Attorney

Denver Third-Party Visitation Attorneys

In cases where a third party, such as a grandparent, stepparent, or close relative, had an established relationship with a child, there may be circumstances where it is important to protect that relationship. Our experienced team of Denver grandparents rights lawyers have seen such circumstances arise if one of the parents dies or the third party becomes estranged from the custodial parent. In such cases, there is a strong preference to allow a fit parent to decide who spends time with their child. However, visitation rights may be granted in Colorado if a judge believes not only that it is in the child’s best interests but also that there are strong reasons to overcome the presumption that a fit parent will make proper decisions for their child.

If you live in the Denver or Aspen area and have been denied the opportunity to spend time with a child in your life, contact a Denver family law attorney at Hogan Omidi, PC, today to schedule an appointment about third-party visitation.

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Establishing third-party visitation rights can be complicated by the processes and procedures put in place to protect a child. Experience child custody attorneys in Denver understand how to cooperate with the court and anticipate potential problems is essential in positioning your case. At Hogan Omidi, PC, our family law attorneys have extensive experience in child custody and visitation matters.

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