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Colorado law speaks in terms of parenting time and parenting schedules rather than visitation. Spending time with your children involves helping them with homework, mentoring them, providing structure, and acting like a parent. “Visitation,” on the other hand, conjures images of a prison or hospital visit.

At Hogan Omidi, PC, our family law attorneys assist clients in creating and negotiating a parenting time schedule that is mutually agreeable to both parents while being in the best interest of a child. Schedule a meeting today to learn how our experience can help.

Creating A Parenting Plan That Works

While it may be difficult to do, it is often in the best interests of your children to sit down with the spouse you are divorcing to work out a parenting schedule. This allows you to reach terms you both find acceptable, and that fit the work schedules of both parents and the school and activity schedules of the children. If you cannot bring yourselves to cooperate, you will have to head to court where a judge could impose a parenting time schedule neither one of you find ideal.

Colorado statute has no predetermined or “cookie-cutter” guidelines for parenting plans. However, a good parenting plan should consider both parents’ work schedules, the school and activity schedule of your children, the proximity of each parent’s home, and the ages and developmental needs of the children.

What To Include In A Parenting Plan

Our divorce attorneys in Denver can help you create a parenting plan for approval by the court. When beginning the process, the following helpful tips are important to keep in mind:

  • Consult both a school calendar and a regular calendar.
  • Build some flexibility into your plan, should unforeseen events occur.
  • Make sure to explicitly define when holidays start and end.
  • Assign pickup and drop-off responsibilities at school, day care, activities, etc.
  • Make allowances for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and family birthdays.
  • Divide up the summertime, allowing for planned vacations.
  • Make sure both parents have access to school and medical records and have the right to make emergency medical decisions.

From hundreds of cases, our lawyers can offer concrete suggestions and creative solutions.

Financial Issues And Parenting Plans

In order to avoid disputes and litigation, it is also important to address the following in a parenting plan:

  • Determine which parent is responsible for providing medical insurance coverage for your children.
  • Determine who can claim your children for income tax purposes.
  • Specify whether extra support will be shared, such as tutoring, music lessons, participation in sports, etc.
  • Determine whether either or both parents will maintain life insurance for the benefit of minor children.

We help clients see the “big picture,” including tax and financial implications of parenting arrangements and support payments.

Let Us Guide The Way To Co-Parenting Solutions

Parenting plans require time and care. Our Denver family law attorneys can help you create a plan that meets the needs of you and your children. We serve clients throughout Colorado. To schedule an appointment, call our Denver and Aspen offices today at 303-691-9600 or contact us online.