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The Colorado child support guidelines are based on the combined gross income of both parents. Many of our clients are high earners whose household incomes exceed the guidelines; in which case a court must decide what level of child support payments are merited.

The Denver child support lawyers with Hogan Omidi, PC, are well-versed in all aspects of custody and child support, including negotiating child support payments in high-income cases. Our experienced Denver child custody attorneys also assist clients in child support order modifications, enforcement, and collections.

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Calculation Of Child Support In Denver

The Denver child support guidelines start with the combined monthly gross income of the two parents (before taxes or other deductions). The guidelines will calculate a different amount of child support based on the number of children involved and based on the gross income and the amount of parenting time (meaning overnights) a child spends with each parent. The guidelines also consider the contributions each parent makes toward expenses such as medical insurance and childcare, and whether either parent is also legally obligated to support other children or is paying or receiving maintenance.

The Colorado guidelines top out at a combined gross income of $30,000 a month. For incomes above that threshold, the amount of child support will be determined by the court based on the child’s reasonable needs. This may include an analysis of the lifestyle the child would have enjoyed if the parents had stayed together. The court presumes that child support should be at least as much as it would have been at the highest bracket of the guidelines.

Our Denver child support attorneys represent executives, professionals, and other high earners. We are considered experts in child support negotiations not governed by the guidelines.

Child Support In Paternity Cases

We represent unmarried mothers or fathers in paternity actions and related actions for parenting time and child support, including the calculation of arrears. Establishing paternity can be more complex than a DNA test. For example, the parental status of a biological father may not be automatically recognized, especially if another man has filled that role as the presumptive father. A Denver child support attorney can help you navigate this complex process and obtain all of the necessary orders and tests.

Child Support Modifications

Children’s needs change over time, as do parents’ financial circumstances. A specialized Denver divorce lawyer can help handle the modification of child support orders which may be justified when a parent loses a job, when a parent gets a significant promotion when the cost of childcare decreases, or when parenting time changes. A Denver child support lawyer can advocate for either parent in modification hearings to increase, decrease or terminate child support.

Child Support Enforcement And Collections

Our Denver child support attorneys are experienced with the collection of past-due support payments, defense of county Child Support Enforcement actions, and other arrearage issues. We can advise if your most economical option is to engage the services of the local Office of Child Support Enforcement, which has various remedies for compelling unpaid support. In high-earner cases, it may be worthwhile to engage our lawyers to pursue or defend arrears.

Experienced Advocacy For Child Support Proceedings

The Denver family law attorneys at Hogan Omidi, PC, regularly handles complex child support cases. We handle divorce and family law in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado.

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