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Factors Colorado Courts Consider When Determining Child Custody

In Colorado, the standard for child custody is determining what is in “the best interest of the child”. Colorado courts consider the following factors when determining child custody and allocation of parental responsibilities::

The Parents’ Wishes

The court will not make assumptions about the type of allocation of parental responsibilities simply based on the gender of the parents or the child. Instead, the court will consider the parents’ stated wishes.

The Child’s Wishes

The child’s wishes may also be considered if the child is of sufficient age and maturity to express an independent preference. In some child custody cases, an expert interviews the children and other people in their lives and communicates this information to the court.

The Child’s Relationship with Their Parents, Siblings, and Other Influential People

The court also considers the child’s interaction and relationship with the people who reside with the parent, such as half-siblings or other relatives. It also considers their existing relationships with grandparents, other extended family members, and other people with whom the children have a close relationship.

The Child’s Adjustment to Their Home, School, and Community

It will be important for the court to consider whether the child is faring well at home, in their school, and in their community.  The court will carefully consider these factors if one parent wants to change their primary residence or school district.

The Child’s and Parent’s Physical and Mental Health

The court can consider the physical and mental health of the parents and how it may impact their ability to care for the child, but a disability in and of itself is not enough to deny or restrict parenting time in Colorado. The court can also consider the child’s physical and mental health to ensure the parent(s) can meet their needs.

The Parents’ Past Pattern of Involvement with the Child

Colorado courts can consider the parent’s previous relationship with the child and their pattern of involvement.

The Distance Between the Parents

Colorado courts can consider the proximity the parents’ homes  are to each other. This is often a crucial consideration in determining what kind of time-sharing schedule might be realistic.

The Ability of the Parents to Encourage a Positive Relationship Between the Child and the Other Parent

Colorado courts want to see parents encouraging their child to have a loving and healthy relationship with the other parent. Both parents should support ongoing contact between the child and the other parent.

The Ability of the Parents to Place the Child’s Needs Ahead of Their Own

The court also considers the parents’ ability to place their child’s needs in front of their own.

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