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Greenwood Village High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

Every divorce is difficult, but when a divorcing couple has considerable assets, needs to address the treatment of a business, or handle other complex property division issues, the situation can become even more difficult.

It takes a skilled high net worth divorce attorney to help protect your rights when stakes are high. When you work with Hogan Omidi, PC, you will find the trusted legal support you need and deserve. Schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable Greenwood Village high net worth divorce attorney by calling us at (303) 691-9600 or contacting us online.

Family Lawyers You Can Count On

At Hogan Omidi, PC, we focus exclusively on family law matters, with an emphasis on resolving complex legal issues in high-asset divorces. We can help you with your divorce case and believe we are the right fit because:

  • We have written the book on family law – Our founding partner, Kathleen Hogan, authored the Colorado Family Law Practice Series, the definitive work on family law in Colorado, referenced across the state by legal advocates and practitioners.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of Colorado family law – We have an intimate knowledge of Colorado family law. We can explain your legal rights and options and guide you in making informed decisions in your case.
  • We have a track record of success – Our strong reputation in the legal community precedes us. Our Colorado family lawyers have decades of combined legal experience. When we are on a case, our adversaries know that we are skilled negotiators and litigators who will fight diligently for our client’s best interests.
  • We look at the big picture – As experienced family law practitioners, we know that many divorce cases can devolve into heated conflicts over issues that may have little significant in the long term. However, we help you see the big picture. When you have this perspective, you can make decisions that will best serve your long-term interests.
  • We get to know you – We sit down and discuss what matters to you and what will help you to move forward with your future. We approach your case with sensitivity and compassion while identifying the right solutions for your unique situation.
  • We develop creative solutions to complex problems – Our divorce lawyers understand that every divorce case is unique and requires a customized approach. We can recommend different options for our clients to help resolve their cases, which might include mediation, arbitration, or litigation. We prepare every case as though it will go to trial, so no one is unprepared if settlement efforts are unsuccessful. However, when possible, we suggest methods that are intended to minimize conflict and expense to align your interests.

To learn more about how we can help you through the divorce process, call (303) 691-9600.

Knowledgeable in Resolving Complex Property Division Issues

Our family attorneys are capable of handling the most complex of legal issues involved in high net worth cases, including:

Classifying Property

Colorado is an equitable distribution state, so all property acquired during the marriage is generally subject to fair division. Our team can help you classify property as marital or separate and find a fair distribution for marital assets, regardless of which spouse is named on the account or title, including:

  • Real estate
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • 401(k) and IRA accounts
  • Stock options and stock-based benefits
  • Deferred income arrangements
  • Vehicles
  • Collections
  • Intellectual property
  • Business holdings

Additionally, we can help you identify and divide marital debt in a fair manner.

Evaluating Assets

With high asset and net worth divorce cases, determining the value of assets is a critical component to reaching a fair resolution of your case. We are knowledgeable about various types of evaluation methods and have a network of professionals to turn to who can help evaluate your businesses, real estate, and other valuable assets.

Locating Assets

Our team can conduct asset tracing and use discovery tools to locate assets in other states and countries, along with asset transfers that were made in an attempt to hide assets during the divorce process.

Negotiating Settlements

While we are experienced trial attorneys who prepare every case as though it is going to trial, we are also seasoned negotiators who can fight for a fair resolution of your case.

Reviewing Marital Agreements

Many high-net-worth individuals have entered into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements that were designed to help them protect their assets in case of divorce. If you are a party to such an agreement, we can review the terms of the agreement and the circumstances surrounding it and advise you of your legal rights and options.

Resolving Support Issues

When higher incomes are involved, the state’s child support guidelines may not apply. Spousal maintenance may also be a hotly contested issue. We can help identify your long-term goals and see where and how spousal maintenance fits into your plans. It is important to note that property division can have an impact on spousal support. A spouse who receives  income producing investments may have less need for support.

Legal Options to Effectively Resolve Issues in a High Net Worth Divorce

At Hogan Omidi, PC, we know that while every divorce case requires a court filing, there are many ways to bring that court case to resolution. For example, you might consider collaborative law in which you, your spouse, and your respective lawyers work together to reach a fair out-of-court settlement. Or, we might suggest using mediation so that a third party neutral can use effective conflict resolution and communication skills to help the parties and their lawyers identify issues in dispute and help resolve them in an amicable manner. If your spouse will not negotiate in good faith, or an impasse is reached for other reasons we will fight aggressively to litigate a favorable outcome in your case.

We Can Protect Your Assets and Your Future

If you are going through a high net-worth divorce, you deserve dedicated legal assistance from a seasoned family law attorney. At Hogan Omidi, PC, we want to protect your interests and assets and help you move toward the future with confidence. You can schedule a confidential consultation with one of our skilled Greenwood Village high-net-worth divorce attorneys by calling us at (303) 691-9600 or contacting us online.