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Social media can help reveal hidden assets

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Divorce, High Asset Divorce

Divorce should be a process in which two ex-partners divide assets in a fair and agreed upon manner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. If your partner is under-reporting assets, a solution may be at your fingertips.

Social media is for more than just pictures of family ski trips. Your ex’s activity online can be an indication of unreported assets. Even better, it can be used as proof in Colorado courts.

Online hints can be vital

Hiding assets is a serious issue in divorce, especially when a significant number of assets are at stake. If one partner is trying to keep certain assets out of the court, their online presence may give them away.

If your ex has pled to financial distress and then goes on a week-long vacation to Europe, the court will want to look closer at his or her plea. If he or she claims to have sold a piece of property but then posts pictures of it in use, it is worth investigating.

Take advantage of an informed social network

You likely have lots of the same friends as your ex online. This can come in handy for any behavior that doesn’t fit the narrative he or she is telling in the courtroom. If your ex has blocked you on social media, or you have blocked him or her, your network of friends can spot odd behavior.

If your spouse is trying to sell assets before going to court, they may use Facebook’s marketplace. Alert your family and friends to keep a lookout for any unexpected sales or trips from your ex. They may try to sell items to avoid having them divided in the courtroom.

The right tip can help prevent assets from unexpectedly disappearing before the hearing.

Monitoring digital activity can show missing assets

If you’re worried about assets vanishing before your divorce is finalized, social media can be a useful tool. Often, people don’t realize courts can examine their online behavior. This can go a long way in making sure your divorce keeps an accurate representation of the assets at stake.

A skilled Colorado family law attorney can help you understand the process of property division, and the impact hidden assets can have on a divorce.


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