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4 common reasons for divorce in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce lawyers in Colorado see the same reasons for divorce cited by their clients again and again. Although every divorce case has its unique story and complexity, and you can never boil things down to a single reason, here are four of the most common reasons why people decide to end their marriages:

  1. Infidelity
  2. Incompatibility
  3. Substance abuse
  4. Growing apart

Reason #1: Infidelity

The idea that two people will remain faithful to one another during the life of their marriage is much easier said than done for some spouses. In fact, marital infidelity is one of the most highly cited reasons for divorce in our state. Some couples can recover from such an indiscretion while others can never seem to regain their trust for one another. In other cases, repeated infidelity is the reason for one spouse to bring the marriage to a close.

Reason #2: Incompatibility

Perhaps one spouse enjoys going to parties every other night, going out dancing on the weekends and would classify him or herself as an “extrovert.” Meanwhile, the other spouse prefers staying at home and reading books, watching television or going to see a movie. For the other spouse, the idea of being around lots of people is draining. This spouse classifies him- or herself as an “introvert.” This kind of incompatibility could drive two spouses apart and give them a reason to go their separate ways through divorce.

Reason #3: Substance abuse

Regardless of whether it’s drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana or taking some other kind of substance, when one spouse engages in addictive behaviors, it could wreak havoc on a marriage — particularly if the addictive behaviors lead to domestic strife, an inability to work or serious health problems. Living with an addicted spouse can be hard on the other person, and some individuals decide they will be better off alone.

Reason #4: When two spouses grow apart

We change and grow over time. Perhaps one spouse grows to love the great outdoors and wants to spend more and more time in nature, but the other spouse prefers to stay in the city. “Growing apart” can also happen on the psychological level. It doesn’t mean that either spouse is wrong; it just means the spouses are no longer compatible.

Why have you decided to get a divorce?

It doesn’t matter why you decided to get a divorce. What matters is that you move forward with the end of your marriage in a peaceful and respectful way. If you hope to end your marriage in a manner that’s as stress-free as possible, investigate different divorce strategies like divorce mediation and out-of-court settlement.


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