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Divorce is complicated – be prepared

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Property Division

Divorce is never easy. It is full of intricate details that you must address while going through an emotional time. Unfortunately, the legal and financial issues of your divorce will not wait for you. This is why it is important to have an experienced divorce attorney in your corner to help you protect your interests.

Before your first meeting with your lawyer, it is important to make certain preparations. By coming to the meeting prepared, you will save yourself both time and money. Your lawyer will need information concerning your finances, details of the property that both you and your spouse own, and anything else pertinent to ending your marriage. Read further for some of the items you should be prepared to discuss.

Custody and child support

Not only will you have to take steps to protect your interests, but you also have to consider what is best for your kids. You will have to discuss matters such as child support and custody with your lawyer. Some of the details that you will cover during the first meeting include grandparent visitation, providing health insurance, college tuition, and even questions concerning religion. Another matter you will have to consider is which one of you will claim your children as dependents on your tax returns.

Property division

Be prepared to disclose to your attorney details about property that you own jointly with your husband as well as that which you owned before your marriage. You will have to provide information concerning the equity in your home, business investments and stock portfolios. When it comes to marital property, no detail is too small. Be able to provide bank balances, descriptions of furniture in the house, a list of vehicles you own, and whether you suspect your husband is hiding assets.

Bring evidence

When you come to the first meeting, bring proof of your income and your husband’s income. If there is a prenuptial agreement, bring that as well. In general, bring any paperwork that relates to your finances. This might include life insurance policies, property valuations, copies of your will and his will, and retirement account statements. If you think there might be a chance your attorney will want to view a document, bring it with you.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to prepare yourself for the legal and financial issues you will have to deal with. Also, prepare yourself mentally to talk with your lawyer about almost every aspect of your life.


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